[J] = in Japanese

to look for Taiko performance

Concert/Performance schedule

to enjoy playing Taiko

1) Trial: Let's play Taiko Private/Group workshop

2) Aasahi Culture school (twice a month, sundays) [J]

to develop Taiko skill

1) Summer Intensive Workshop in Nagano

2) Regular class(once a week, through the year, through the life...) [J]

to creat once in a life time memory

Order-made performance/event/workshop

1) Private
ex1: take a workshop with falimy for son's birthday
ex2: present taiko performance for a surprise at wedding party

2) Enterprises
ex 1: Learn taiko with friends/colleagues to perform at Company's anniversary event/party
ex 2: Ask a professional performance and put a short performance by president in between.

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